Rites de passage

“Rites de Passage”
Collage with photographs printed on tracing paper
40 x40 cm each one
Photos: ©LuisChenche

In “Rites de Passage” there is therefore a reiteration of the captured elements that, however, when witnessing the photographs together, familiarizing ourselves with what is represented does not become an immediate task. Rather, it becomes complex and gives way to identifying the image reception process. We stopped seeing the stage to begin to notice the "other" presence that takes center stage, as if it were some alchemical ritual.

“Rites de Passage” is a term that was coined in 1909 by the Anthropologist Arnold Van Gennep (France 1873-Germany1957). This term refers to the set of symbols that mark one state to another in the life of a person. In this particular case when used as the title of the piece, the ritual of passage I see manifested when I make the gesture of grouping the ruins that will appear during the demolition of two photographs.