Planimetría cromática

“Chromatic planimetry”
Fragments of paint detached from walls, acrylic on pancacoa cardboard
Variable measures
Photos: ©LuisChenche

“Chromatic planimetry” is a piece that tries to emulate the idea of a cartographic plane where the random and fragile forms of fragments of paint detached from walls extracted from different parts of the city cohabit, from a ritual / exploratory exercise in the city to then contrast them on a surface governed by strong angles and calculated brushstrokes of colors.

The work reactivates the condition of hidden and inadvertent that I discover in the city, adopting the idea of the fragment no more than an artifice to be able to talk about irrelevant and ethereal matters that surround us in everyday situations. So the fragment acquires other senses, it emerges from the Universe and tries to unveil the structure that sustains it.