Cúmulos en movimiento

"Clusters in motion”
Dry paint from walls and leaves
20 x 20 cm each
Photos: ©LuisChenche

In my work there is always a guiding idea of reactivating what remains in a state of ruin, what lies in a state of evanescence. I am interested in working with the idea of disorder, of the fleeting and incomprehensible linking it with certain architectural issues, among others.

"Clusters in motion" presented in my first individual sample "Latent Situation" refers to an astrometric term to measure the distances of stars gravitationally in the celestial sphere which - per se - have the status of hidden and unnoticed. In this occasion the idea of the fragment is no more than an artifice to be able to talk about irrelevant and ethereal issues that surround us in everyday situations. Random forms that detach from the universe and try to unveil the structure that sustains it, giving way to vestiges that appear over time where latent figures with an ever changing pattern give faith to that impalpable time. Thus the fragment acquires other senses that run over the form of the rational and create a sediment in the viewer's psyche, giving way to ask ourselves: How logical and stable is the architecture together with elements of an organic nature that converge in the future of the citizen?