Jardín Vertical

"Vertical garden"
Installation, Ciment, iron rods, plants
Variable Measures
Museum Benito Quinquela Martín
Photos: BienalSur 

The VERTICAL GARDEN project is a sculptural ensemble linked to the scientific field of Botany that allows us to reflect on the idea of "progress" in the sense of the verticality of architecture that is repeated in many South American countries and the way we relate to the knowledge of plants in our current life as city dwellers.

In the country where I was born, many of the houses are built with a future first floor in mind. However, the houses are still built on top of cement pillars with iron rods, waiting for the day when the construction can be completed. In this sense, the title of the project alludes to the concept of the garden terrace: one of the points of a new architecture proposed by the architect Le Corbusier in 1927. Within this point the architect proposes to give the terrace the part of nature that the building has taken up from the ground.

JARDIN VERTICAL is made up of several concrete pillars where each pillar has different plants from the region of Argentina. I consider that these medicinal plants grow like the pillars in an organic way, creating a poetic analogy of growth between these two elements. In addition to the re-reading produced by putting this project into dialogue in the country where one of the emblematic architectural designs of the Swiss-French architect materialised: the Curutchet house.

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