In-situ installation.
Intervention using the wooden floor.
5 x 5 mt aprox
Atelier 11 Cité Falguière
L’AiR Arts
Photos: ©LuisChenche

IMMERSION is an installation with the materials provided by the building. In this case, I used the wooden floor of atelier 11, the last remaining atelier of the historic artists' community known as L'école de Paris.

This work is based on the concept of revealing the past and consisted of removing the entire floor and rearranging it by playing with the stains of colour on it. In the centre, I turned the tiles over and made a circular figure to show what lies beneath the surface.

In this installation, the public is confronted with an almost imperceptible intervention that is activated when they walk on it. We realize that the wooden floor produces a crackling sound with every step, as if it wanted to tell us something.

Video : Ties Ten Bosch

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