Site-specific intervention 
Cotton fabric with skylight designs

This proposal aims to generate a focus and reflection on the peripheral spaces of the city and the ways of inhabiting its residents, without pamphlet sense, nor as a categorical instrument. Paradoxically, these lifestyles remain as valid as the symbol impregnated in each sheet :the skylight an element to which I have resorted to a metaphor as a time parked, a place lost between that popular structure of reeds and the most high-rises of skyscrapers the city.

The work “Colagados” is a recreation of a large scale clothesline and intends with its location to give the feeling of dwelling – in and with them -, so the spectator presents a sort of anachronistic, because these customs, habits and ways of living seem be already part of the past.

The installation invades a place at the same time that it let to be invaded. It allows to travel and in that transit to find by way of epiphany what the everyday condemns: the strangeness.